Research Scientists Positions in Chair Professor Mohamad Sawan’s Team

From:招聘管理账号      Date:2018-09-26


Professor Sawan is an international expert in the area of smart biomedical devices. He made world-renowned contributions in implantable and wearable biomedical devices and microsystems, particularly for neurodegenerative diseases applications. He is Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the Canadian Engineering Research Institute, and Fellow of IEEE ( He is leading the Center for Biomedical Research and Innovation (CenBrain) at Westlake University.


Position Description

Now the Sawan group is recruiting research scientists. Candidate must possess expertise and interests to contribute to the emerging fields of Wearable and Implantable Smart Medical Devices (WISMDs).  The candidate should apply expertise with dynamism and creativity in all his functions related to any of these positions. The candidate must have an Engineering degree or equivalent, and a Ph.D. in related fields to those 4 domains described below.  The candidate should:

- speak and write English fluently;

- participate in training and co-supervising students at all levels (B.Sc. interns, M.Sc. and Ph.D. graduates);

- conduct innovative research projects;

- collaborate with the other members of CenBrain and with the industrial partners;

- have background in Biomedical and/or Electrical Engineering;

- be able to develop multi-disciplinary research program, that must be integrated within CenBrain activities;

- have industrial experience;


The candidate must have experience in at least 2 of the 4 following domains:


1. Microelectronics and Microsystems;

- Software expertise on Cadence, ADS, COMSOL, MATLAB;

- Analog and mixed-signal circuits design, implementation, and layout and tape out for fabrication;

- Microcontrollers-based applications, board design, assembly, packaging, testing and validation;

- SOC, Flip-chip, and SIP packaging, and Stacking and TSV interconnect;

- Neuro-prostheses (biosensors and electrical stimulation).


2. Signal and image processing

- Machine and Deep Learning algorithms;

- Neural encoding;

- Neural-Network hardware implementation.


3. Microfluidics and 3D Printing

- Lab-on-Chip and Organ-on-chip;

- MEMS/NEMS structure;

- Molding, direct write microstructure building;

- Cell culture, and cell storage;

- Biochemistry and Biology protocol, and Biocompatibility;

- Hybrid structure assembly and packaging;

- Micromachining, and Microelectrodes.


4. Optics/Photonics

- Laser and LEDs;

- Photodiode and phototransistors;

- Optical Stimulation (optogenetics);

- CMOS camera and applications.



Salary and benefits


CenBrain will provide internationally competitive salary and benefits, conforming to Westlake University policies and guidelines. Details determined after interview. Group will provide first class research environment and infrastructure. Opportunities exist for personal career development and further training overseas.



How to apply


Send the following (all in English) as one PDF file to, and cc to Use “Position+Degree+Name” as email title. At the same time, set up personal account for Google Scholar.

1. CV, including education and work experiences, academic achievements;

2. Personal statement: including research expertise, research plan and career plan;

3. At most five representative papers;

4. Contact information of at least three recommendations, including name, telephone number and E-mail address.


For those who pass initial review, relevant degree certificates will be requested. The positions will be available until filled.  We look forward to your joining our group!