Job Announcement Laboratory of Optical Engineering, Westlake University, Hangzhou, China

From:招聘管理账号      Date:2018-10-22

Job Announcement

Laboratory of Optical Engineering, Westlake University, Hangzhou, China



Our society is witnessing an information era with exponentially growing internet traffic for the last two decades and still sees no signs of decelerating. Upon this development, photonics has been recognized as one of the key enabling technologies in the 21st century, for and beyond optical communication.

Laboratory of Optical Engineering at Westlake University will establish expertise in the design, fabrication, characterization, and hybrid integration of photonic components. The target is to develop high-performance, power-efficient, integrated photonic modules as well as novel optical fiber-based devices for applications in communication, smart sensing, image processing, safety monitoring, medical diagnosis, astronomical instruments, etc.


Open Positions


1)      Post-Doc Researcher


ž   Plan and manage independent research activities in the field of photonics.

ž   Contribute to the establishment of the optical lab and the experimental setups.

ž   Assist in guiding and advising PhD students.


ž   Received doctor degree in photonics, optoelectronics, optical sensing or optical systems from a renowned university or institute.

ž   Published high-quality, frequently-cited research articles as the first author or the contact author.

ž   Self-motivated with great teamwork spirit. Open and honest research attitude is a must.

ž   Excellent English language skills, in both reading and writing.


ž   Attractive, world-wide competitive salary (including social, medical insurance, etc.).

ž   Support from Westlake University in applications of various national and regional funding programs and talent-selection programs.

ž   This position is first limited to a 3-year period. A Post-doc has the opportunity to be promoted to a research fellow if the person has made significant scientific achievement during the first 3 years.

2)  Research Assistants

Responsibilities (2-3 from below):

ž   Assist in the establishment of the optical lab and the experimental setups.

ž   Assist in the equipment purchase processes as well as equipment service, management and documentation.

ž   Develop relevant software and programs required for everyday laboratory operation.

ž   Assist in the lithography mask design of optical components as well as their 3D demonstration.

ž   Assist in the laboratory administration and communication with different groups / departments in the university.


ž   A Master degree from a well-known university. Bachelor degrees are acceptable if the candidates have at least three years’ work experience.

ž   Self-motivated with great communication skills and teamwork spirit.

ž   Work experience in the following areas is preferred: (a) LabVIEW programming(b) GDS design and 3D modelling(c) Mechanical designs with Solidworks(d) Characterization of optical / electronic chips or fiber components(e) Operation of cleanroom equipment or fiber workstations(f) Programming and algorithm development using C++, Java or Python.

ž   Fluent Chinese language is a must. Special consideration will be given to candidates with exceptional English language skills or outstanding work experiences.


ž   Attractive salary (including social insurance, medical insurance, etc.).

ž   Working with excellent scientists around the world.

ž   This position is first limited to a 3-year period, with opportunities for promotion, contract extension and enrollment in the PhD program.


To apply, please send your CV and personal statement, preferably in one combined PDF, to Please write in the title of the email the position for which you are applying, your degree and your name. For the position of Westlake Fellow, please also include three of your most representative research articles as well as two recommendation letters (with valid contact information).

The Laboratory of Optical Engineering at Westlake University promotes diversity and equality. Female candidates, persons with minority background and persons with disability are encouraged to apply. Candidates will be evaluated based on only their abilities and expertise.

Qualified candidates will be invited for interviews immediately and the positions should be filled at the nearest possible date.